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Every year, companies invest a lot in marketing activities, in sales promotion measures or the expansion of their facilities. However, do they also do so with regard to securing their receivables? “Receivables from clients" is one of the most important items in any balance sheet of a company. In fact, very high costs are often borne, which are not associated with risk coverage. For example, the write-down of customer receivables is a cost item in all respects, but it is not matched by risk coverage.

With the help of credit insurance, you can take advantage of various benefits: Coverage of the credit risk, reduction of value adjustments on receivables, shortening of collection times, precise determination of expenses for receivables management, possible improvement of creditworthiness or assessment by the bank, the extrajudicial and judicial debt collection service and much more.

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ICBA: Internationale Allianz der Kredit-Broker

Thanks to ICBA, we professionally cover all your credit risks!

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Good credit insurance is not a standard product, but a tailor-made solution that meets the needs of the respective company. Various types of information, such as annual report data, are an essential basis for assessing the risk and, thus, for the policy itself: they also make it possible to determine the exact number of premiums.

In order to be able to offer you suitable insurance cover, we are in contact with the leading insurance companies in this field and invite them to submit an offer for the coverage of your company. We check all offers received with regard to the scope of cover, the price-performance ratio, the claims handling and administrative efficiency. We recommend the most interesting provider and the corresponding options on the basis of this analysis.

Our experience and expertise for your security

Since 2000, our office in Milan has specialized exclusively in credit insurance. This allows us to offer our clients maximum assistance in covering corporate loans and to help them increase their national and international sales. We have developed MyCredit to optimize our customer service. Through this modern digital platform we actively support you in the management of your policies.

Thanks to our partnership with ICBA (International Credit Brokers Alliance) we are able to offer the Italian market special covers, unique in Italy, as well as follow companies in their international development. We have also been collaborating for years with the Association of Italian Credit Managers (ACMI). This gives us the certainty that, today, on a national level, we are the leader among independent brokers for commercial credit insurance.

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As a long-standing partner of the International Credit Brokers Alliance (ICBA), we provide you with the best solutions for global credit insurance. Our extensive expertise and global network enable us to secure your businesses worldwide and protect you from potential risks.

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