Our partnership with ICBA

Global Credit Insurance

As an exclusive partner of the prominent global network of specialized brokers in credit insurance solutions, we accompany our clients worldwide. ICBA, founded in 2000, comprises over 900 expert brokers representing more than 60 countries. Through our longstanding partnership, we have earned an exceptional reputation as consultants and brokers, as evidenced by the testimonials of our reference clients.

The International Credit Brokers Alliance aims to identify the best brokers in each country to provide our clients with a global and yet local service, regardless of their business location or the countries they export to. As ICBA's exclusive partner, we must demonstrate leadership in our country and have strong local relationships with leading risk underwriters. Our philosophy is to work together as a team and ensure first-class service.

The benefits for our clients are evident: thanks to our membership, we can collaborate with other brokers worldwide to meet your individual needs, wherever you do business. You will benefit from our global network and gain access to the global insurance market. Our expertise and commitment guarantee excellent management of your foreign subsidiaries and outstanding service.

Trust in the longstanding experience and expertise of Assiconsult, as an exclusive partner of ICBA. We are proud to accompany you to success in your international business and offer top-notch solutions for your credit insurance and financing needs.

Advantages of the ICBA Partnership for Our Clients

Discover the Benefits for Your International Business

  • Global Presence: Thanks to the partnership with ICBA, Assiconsult is able to accompany and support clients worldwide.
  • Industry-leading Expertise: As a long-term partner for over 15 years, Assiconsult possesses exceptional expertise in credit insurance.
  • Excellent Service Quality: ICBA broker partners are carefully selected and must demonstrate strong local relationships to ensure first-class service.
  • Access to the Global Insurance Market: Through ICBA membership, Assiconsult can provide its clients access to a wide range of insurance solutions from different countries.
  • Assistance for Foreign Subsidiaries: Assiconsult ensures that clients' foreign subsidiaries are optimally managed.
  • Reliable Consulting and Brokerage Services: Clients benefit from reliable consulting and brokerage services provided by Assiconsult and other high-ranking association members.
  • Tailored Solutions: Thanks to ICBA's global network, Assiconsult can offer tailored solutions to meet the individual needs of its clients.

ICBA - Your Global Partner for Credit Insurance and Financing Solutions

Discover the Power of 900 Experts and 30,000 Managed Policies in 68 Countries

  • A team of 900 experts
  • Managing 30,000 policies
  • The third-largest group of credit insurance brokers in the world
  • The largest team of credit insurance brokers in the world
  • Operating in 68 countries, with a direct presence in 50 and correspondents in 18.


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