Professional support in your risks handling

Phase 1

Risks are complex and have to be analyzed and taken into account at different levels. The management of corporate risks does not only include risk identification and analysis. Rather, it also involves risk quantification, aggregation, assessment, evaluation, communication and final risk management. The complexity and multidimensional nature of dealing with risks, therefore, requires a high level of expertise.
As an independent insurance broker, we assist you with the management of your risks. During visits to your company, our experts can identify and document existing threats. The risk assessment using different scenarios then allows us to determine your risk category - “small", "medium" or "catastrophic".

In addition to pure risk assessment, it is also important to identify various preventive measures. Their implementation reduces your risk potential and thus has a positive influence on the premiums of your insurance policy. This is followed by an invitation to tender for your individual insurance needs on the insurance market.

Phase 2

Here we ask the most prestigious insurance companies to submit various offers for your insurance cover. These offers are reviewed by our experts with regard to the scope of cover, appropriate maximum compensation, price-quality ratio, claims settlement and administrative efficiency. We then recommend the best insurance policy to you.

Since your business risks are subject to constant change, their systematic monitoring is of utmost importance. Here too, we are fully at your side. We keep an eye on your insurance needs so that any changes in your risk landscape are properly taken into account in your insurance coverage. Through our tailor-made training program, our experts pass on their specialist knowledge to you and your co-workers. This means that you too know exactly what is important for professional coverage of your risks and how they can change over time.

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