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Not all claims can be avoided preventively. Sometimes the unexpected happens, even if one has intensively dealt with the risks and implemented all preventive measures. Especially in the event of a claim, you need an expert at your side whom you can fully trust. As an independent insurance broker, we accompany you through every phase of the claims process.

The civil law assessment of possible liability issues, the correct reporting of claims, the support of the claims experts during the local inspections and the prosecution of the legal dispute in the event of a refusal of insurance benefits play an important role. Through our established, competent network, we are in close contact with all parties involved in the event of a claim (insurance companies, consultants, experts, counter-assessors, authorities, etc.). This allows us to monitor the correct progress of the claims settlement process, so that we can ensure the best compensation for you in the shortest possible time.


Changes in your risk landscape must be consistently kept in mind and important lessons must be learned from possible events of a claim. Insurance contracts and conditions must be continuously adapted to such events so that the policy covers all relevant risk aspects. Our experts provide you with full support in this regard. In addition, we offer a tailor-made training program through which you can gain important insights into the insurance business. In this way, you too will know exactly what is important for professional coverage of your risks and how they can change.

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