Protection of artistic objects

Your insurance needs

Everything that is valuable to you should be protected from possible damage by an efficient insurance. Such objects can be of many different kinds: works of art, carpets, murals, books, collections of all kinds - objects that have a special value for you personally or even the public.

Professional art insurance involves the challenge of adequately defining the sum insured. This must be accepted by you as a museum, studio, gallery, artist or private person, but also by the insurance company. Therefore, the insurance of your art objects requires great technical expertise, industry experience and last but not least an established network.

Exactly the security you need

As a professional insurance broker, we support our clients in protecting their art objects. Whether for fixed or temporary exhibitions, for archiving or for personal use of art objects - we give you the opportunity of professional valuation of your valuable objects. With these results we contact the leading insurance companies in this field. We check all offers received with regard to the scope of cover, appropriate sum insured, price-performance ratio, claims handling and administrative efficiency. Based on the results of this analysis, we will recommend the most interesting provider.

Experience has shown that art insurance is an all-risk policy regarding the protection of your assets against all risks. This includes, for example, theft, loss, fire and damage. When transporting works of art, "nail-to-nail" insurance is used, which insures valuables against all possible risks during their transport until the object has returned to its owner.

Our experience and expertise for your security

As an independent broker, we arrange insurance exclusively in the interest of our clients. We take care of everything regarding insurance, so that you can fully concentrate on your passion - even in the event of a claim.

In the course of our many years of experience, we have built up strong international networks, which allow us to negotiate the best possible sums and conditions when drawing up your insurance policy. Our expertise and our variable range of services can be used for both Italian and international tenders, which are often relevant, for example, in the insurance of public museums.

Insurance chaos?

We offer you exactly the security you need!

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