Risks in the industrial sector


Different industrial companies have individual risks that need to be professionally covered. Some scenarios, a possible business failure for example, are relevant to all companies, including yours. The rising use of modern technology and the ever-increasing pace of innovation change the risk landscape drastically. Not only do the claims get more and more expensive if high-tech is involved, but also hacker-attacks on your company’s systems become more of an issue. These can have far-reaching consequences, such as high costs of data recovery and software reinstallation.

We know your risks as an industrial company and address them accordingly

We specialize in individual and need-based coverage of your risks. Our solutions combine quality and reliability, so that they also work when the unexpected happens. Our all-round service includes professional risk management. During visits to your company, our experts can identify and document existing risks. In addition to a pure risk assessment, it is also important to point out various preventive measures. Their implementation reduces your risk potential and thus has a positive influence on the premiums of your insurance policy.

Our portfolio offers differentiated insurance services that cover industry-specific risks: liability insurance, cyber coverage and welfare solutions for your employees. In addition, we offer tailor-made coverage for your indirect losses in the event of business interruption and insurance for legal protection and manager/product liability.

In the event of a claim, we will assist you with professional claims management. This allows us to monitor the correct progress of the claims settlement process, so that we can ensure the best compensation in the shortest possible time.

Our experience and expertise for your safety

As an independent broker, we provide insurance exclusively in the interest of our clients. We take care of everything regarding insurance, so that you can fully concentrate on your business – even in the event of a claim.

In the course of our long experience we have built up strong international networks, so that we can also offer reliability and security in your activities abroad. Our expertise and our variable range of services can be used specifically for both Italian and international tenders. Our tailor-made training program enables a sound education and further training in insurance matters. We do not only want to train our own experts, but also you as employees or administrators of public corporations or executives of small and medium-sized companies.



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