Elena Sacchetti new Vice-President from Confindustria Trento


The shareholders' meeting of the Business Services, Engineering and Finance Section of Confindustria Trento elected the chairman and the members of the Section Committee. The Section President for the four-year period 2020-2024 is Alberto Gasperi of Centro Studi Interprofessionale Srl, the Section Committee members are Alberto Gasperi: Elena Sacchetti (Assiconsult Srl) as Vice-President, Marco Battisti (Cercasì di Battisti Marco & C. Sas), Maria Raffaella Caprioglio (Umana Spa), Alberto Chilovi (Studio Aziendale Sas di Alberto Chilovi & C. STP Sas), Vincenzo Circosta (Homeland Sicurnet Srl), Antonella Erbisti (Win Sport Srl), Luca Domenico Genovese (Tempor Spa), Massimo Lazzeri (AGIS-ANEC Delegazione 3 Venezie Alt), Luca Oss Emer (New Engineering Srl) Giuseppe Putignani (Nitida Immagine Srl), Alessio Romani (Lean Evolution Srl), Sergio Sighel (Laboratorio Trentino Srl), Luca Steinwandter (ENG Group Srl), Giovanni Tamanini (Improshare Srl), Emanuel Wegher (Wegher Srl), Andrea Zambelli (Recapito Certo Srl)
Sergio Sighel and Emanuel Wegher join the Committee on Small Industries, while Alberto Gasperi and Elena Sacchetti join the General Council.

Source: l'Adige
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Date: 21/10/2020 | Page: 24
Category: About us - Confindustria Trento
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