Eurorisk & Assiconsult together

Eurorisk and Assiconsult together

A new beginning with a common vision

The merger of Eurorisk into Assiconsult marks a crucial step that will reshape our future. This merger represents a milestone in our corporate history, bringing together two distinct entities under a single vision.

As known, in 2019, Assiconsult and Eurorisk entered into a strategic agreement to create the leading brokerage group in the Euregio. The vision from that time has materialized: the insurance market continues to evolve, necessitating greater streamlining and concentration of operators. Insurance issues have also become increasingly complex and strategic, while unfortunately, catastrophic events are becoming more frequent.

Eurorisk merges with Assiconsult, a company where ownership is directly present, supported by a dedicated management. This merger marks the beginning of a new era. The new team will provide an even more professional service to our clients.

This merger brings together the best of both worlds, combining the experience and tradition of Eurorisk with the innovation and agility of Assiconsult. We remain committed to offering our clients the best possible experience, working towards a future where we can grow and improve. We are excited to share this new chapter with you.

The why behind the merger

A vision for the future

The merger between Eurorisk and Assiconsult is not just a corporate change but a vision for the future. By harmonizing processes, we will be able to provide high-quality services and address the challenges of the insurance market more effectively.

Unified Structures: A Solid Foundation for Success
One of the main reasons behind the merger was the creation of unified corporate structures. The merger will enable us to operate more efficiently, ensuring that we can focus our attention on what matters most: our clients. With more harmonized internal processes, we can deliver high-quality services more quickly and effectively.

Optimization of Relationships with the Insurance Market
The merger has also allowed us to optimize our relationships with the insurance market. By joining forces, we are now in a stronger position to negotiate with insurance companies, securing more advantageous conditions for our clients. This translates into more advanced insurance programs and economic conditions that represent a tangible advantage for those who entrust us with their insurance needs.

Benefits for Clients: Better and More Tailored Service
Our primary goal has always been customer satisfaction, and the merger allows us to achieve this goal even more effectively. By combining the expertise and experience of Eurorisk and Assiconsult, we can offer our clients a broader range of services, more specialized advice, and even more comprehensive support. The benefits for clients are tangible, allowing them to rely on us for all their insurance needs.

We are committed to maintaining excellence and providing the best possible advantages to our clients in this new phase of our corporate history.
Gregor Stimpfl (left), Elena Sacchetti (center) & Danilo Potenza (right)
Gregor Stimpfl (left), Elena Sacchetti (center) & Danilo Potenza (right)

A new era

Meaning of the merger for clients and collaborators

Looking ahead, the merged companies, under the leadership of Elena Sacchetti as the head of Assiconsult Trento, will collectively address challenges and opportunities with a shared vision. The dedicated team will enable us to further innovate and enhance our services to meet the evolving requirements of the target market. Our mission remains unchanged: to provide high-quality insurance solutions for our customers and to be a stimulating and fulfilling employer for our employees.

We look forward to sharing this new chapter of our corporate history with you. Stay tuned for new and exciting opportunities that await us together. Thank you for being part of this journey with us.

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