Covid19- Insurance coverage

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For your employees and their families from 01/01/2021 onwards. Protect your employees and their families with the Special Police Covid-19.

Functionality and advantages

Who is covered: 
Option A:
- All employees of your company who carry out their activities in Italy (no individual cover possible) including the managers who work in the company

Option B:
- All employees of your company who carry out their activities in Italy (no individual coverage possible), as well as their family members *
*Spouses or unmarried partners living together, children if on family record; 

What is covered: 
In the event of a positive diagnosis of Covid-19 after commencement of the insurance cover and the associated hospitalisation, the following benefits will be paid to the insured person: 
- Daily allowance of € 100.00 for hospitalisation from the 6th day. The benefit is paid for a maximum of 10 days above the deductible.
- Convalescence allowance of € 3,000.00 after discharge from hospital after treatment in the intensive care unit due to the COVID-19 infection.
- Assistance services for recovery and convalescence within 14 days after discharge from hospital: 
  • Visit of a general practitioner
  • Patient transport with ambulance
  • Transport from Estonian Aid to the residence 
  • Transport to and from the specialised care facility 
  • Domestic help is provided for a maximum of 5 hours  
  • A babysitter will be provided at the residence for a maximum of 5 hours 
  • A Petsitter is provided for 5 hours (max. 1 hour per day) 
  • Accompanying underage children to school
  • Delivery of the purchase to your home
All services must be requested through the organisational structure of the insurance company.
Age limits
There is no age limit for employees, while administrators are subject to an age limit of 65 years.

When does the insurance cover start
The insurance cover is valid from 01/01/2021 at the earliest and from 24:00 on receipt of the transfer from CASBI.

How much does the insurance cost
Option A:
€ 9,00 per employee 
Minimum premium per company: € 90,00

Option B:
€ 25,00 per employee
Minimum premium per company: € 250,00

Membership fee: for the year 2021 an annual membership fee is payable to CASBI of
- € 10,00 for companies with up to 10 employees;
- € 50.00 for companies with 11 to 100 employees;
- € 300,00 for companies with more than 100 employees.

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